Vehicular crashes

I have had significant successes with vehicular accident (car crash) cases and work with top experts to assist in presenting and defending your case. Science is making these cases increasingly more difficult; there are now devices in our automobiles that will record the vehicle speed, throttle, engine revolutions, and break light indicators immediately prior to a collision.

In my experience with these cases, I find it critical to work with an expert who is certified to download and make an independent assessment of the data in your accident, as well as rely on established investigation techniques at the scene, and in the actual examination of the cars.

The evidence is also fleeting, and cases can sometimes be won simply by getting an investigator, an expert, and the lawyer on scene immediately following the police investigation. In car crash cases, some attorneys will approach the case strictly “from the paper,” that is, they will not go to the scene, or get dirty examining the cars. I think the difference between achieving success in these cases requires extensive, personal review of the cars, the scene, and the data: by the expert, and by the attorney personally.